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Course Objectives of IBM API Connect 5.x 

The course aims at understanding IBM API Connect product suite1 (also called IBM APIC) from development and administration perspective. If you are interested in particulars, here are detailed objectives of this course.

Course Content of IBM API Connect Training

  •  IBM API Connect product overview
  •  Understanding IBM API Connect ecosystem
  •  Deployment options for API Connect suite
  •  Understanding API Connect Developer Organizations
  •  Understanding API Connect lifecycle
  •  Understanding IBM API gateway chained services and schemas in API Management
  •  Understanding role of swagger in IBM API Connect suite
  • Understanding basic and advanced developer portals in API Connect suite, explore relationship between API, Plans and Products.
  •  Use CMC, CLI and SSL in configuring API Connect Operational environment
  •  Work with API Manager in order to administer API Connect suite
  •  Understanding scripting with API Management
  •  Working with published APIs, use of basic developer portal and advanced developer portal
(including customization)

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